Frequently Asked Questions

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Q - What is homeopathy?

A: Homeopathy is a scientific system of health care that utilizes a variety of mineral, plant and animal substances in very small doses to help activate the body's own natural healing processes. Homeopathy activates the body's healing processes on both a physical and mental/emotional level and can be effectively utilized for first aid, acute illnesses, and all manner of chronic conditions.

Q - What can I expect during an appointment?

A: Depending on the goal of your therapy, a session may involve coaching, NET, Reiki or a mix. Your sessions can be done sitting in a chair or laying on a treatment table. Most sessions last between 30-45 minutes, but can be up to 1 hour. During NET, it is common for patients to experience some intense emotions, which is part of the healing process.

Q - What services do you offer?

A: I am a Reiki Practitioner, which is a form of energy healing, that can be used to treat many conditions. I also utilize a treatment called NET (Neuroemotional Technique), which helps to clear out stress in the body so that balance can be restored. This is a powerful therapy to help rid the body of unresolved stressors. In addition, I provide Wellness consultations and homeopathic remedies which can be used to help manage many health conditions and problems.

Q - What are the potential benefits of this therapy?

A: Both Reiki and NET help to heal your body from the inside, using different techniques. They can be used to address physical pain, emotional symptoms, and even heal from past trauma. It is safe for both adults and children. Please reach out to schedule a free consultation to see if this is right for you!

Q - Where do you provide services?

A: In the comfort of your own home! I believe patients will be more at ease and relaxed in their own space, allowing the treatment to be even more effective. Virtual services are also available.

Q - Can you be my doctor?

A: Although I am a licensed family physician with a traditional practice, I will not replace your primary care physician. I wholeheartedly endorse the need for this care - but am looking to offer some alternative therapies and approaches to help you achieve wellness.

Q - What qualifications do you have?

A: I became a certified Reiki Master in 2021. I also completed a Mind-Body Medicine certificate program through Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia in 2021. I am pursuing a Masters in Integrative Medicine also through Jefferson, which I will complete in 2023. I have also been a physician since 2002, have treated thousands of patients, and have witnessed the consequences of unresolved stress.

Q - What are your goals for this practice?

A: My goal is to help people achieve their wellness goals. Everyone experiences stress throughout their life and sometimes this leads to many unmanageable symptoms, health conditions, and struggles with mental health. There are various strategies available to address these stressors that we can explore together to manifest an improved quality of life.