About Virgo Integrated Health

Dr. Danielle Giddins

Dr. Danielle Giddins is a board-certified family physician practicing in Sussex County, Delaware with 20 years of experience taking care of people. I graduated from Jefferson Medical College in 2002 and then completed my residency training in the United States Air Force at Andrews AFB, MD. I served an additional 3 years in the US Air Force, completed one tour in 2007 supporting OIF/OEF in Kuwait, and achieved the rank of Major. I am proud to be a veteran and to have served my country. I have many interests including women's health, the use of mindfulness interventions for wellness, integrative medicine and addressing burnout. I am a Reiki Master, NET Practitioner and champion for wellness.

My goals are to help patients feel full of vitality, feel strong, and emotionally capable of tackling life! This looks different for each person and no two journeys are the same. I am passionate about getting to know you on a deeper level, providing an individualized treatment plan and working together as a team towards your wellness. This includes delving into aspects of nutrition, spirituality, fitness, sleep, stress management, and many other areas.

I am currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Integrative Medicine through Thomas Jefferson University's Marcus Institute of Integrative Medicine. With several therapeutic modalities available, we can explore together the options to help you manifest your best life!